Compaction Equipment Rentals

Rental World offers a variety of walk-behind compaction equipment that is easy to use including rammers, plates, lawn rollers and ride-on rollers. Our compaction equipment is ideal for compacting granular soils for small repair and maintenance work.

Jumping Jack Tamper

Jumping Jack Tamper

Vibro Plate Directional Plate

Vibra Plate Compactor

Ride-on Roller

36" Double Drum Rollers - Gas - 0020-0740

BW120SL-5 - 48" Double Drum Rollers - Kubota Diesel

48" Double Drum Rollers - Kubota Diesel - 0020-0745


Lawn Roller 18x24

Lawn Roller

Pneumatic Tamper

Pneumatic Tamper

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Note: Due to constant product development and improvement, artwork, shape, color, size, description and schematic that appear on the web may not reflect
the latest changes. Image for reference only actual item may look different. Pricing is subject to change.