Material Handeling

Proper material handling can be essential to moving your products or goods. Next time you need to move, call Rental World to see the availability of dollies and carts.

Follding 4-wheel cart 0065-0150

Follding 4-wheel Cart

Appliance Dolly 0065-0030

Appliance Dolly

Heavy Duty Dolly 0500-9005

Heavy Duty Dolly

Furniture Dolly Wooden Push Cart 0065-0180

Furniture Dolly Wooden Push Cart 0065-0180


Helium Tank Dolly 0065-0055

Helium Tank Doll

Wooden Roller Pry Bar 0065-0010

Wooden Roller Pry Bar 0065-0010

Engine Hoist

Engine Hoist

Drywall Lift 0020-0530

Drywall Lift


Utility Cart 0080-2750

Utility Cart

A. V. Cart 0005-0430

A. V. Cart

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Note: Due to constant product development and improvement, artwork, shape, color, size, description and schematic that appear on the web may not reflect
the latest changes. Image for reference only actual item may look different. Pricing is subject to change.