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Elegant lighting for weddings, parties and special events.

Elegant chandelier lighting for weddings and special events. Transform the ordinary tent or rental space into a magical ballroom with a wedding chandelier. Sparkling crystal and glass chandelier light will bathe your guests in elegance. Crystal wedding chandeliers create a regal effect when hung from the ceiling over the dance floor or used as focal point at an outdoors gathering.

Crystal Large Chandelier 0095-2130Large Crystal Chandelier

Chandelier Crystal Large - 0095-2130Small Crystal Chandelier

6-Tier Crystal Iridescent Bead Chandelier6-Tier Crystal Iridescent Bead Chandelier

15” turquoise beaded Chandelier15” Turquoise Beaded Chandelier - 0095-2124

Bronze_finish_9_Lights_0095-2115Large Rustic Chandelier

Chandelier Rustic 0095-2125Small Rustic Chandelier

Chandelier Crystal Large - 0095-21304 Globe Chandelier

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Note: Due to constant product development and improvement, artwork, shape, color, size, description and schematic that appear on the web may not reflect
the latest changes. Image for reference only actual item may look different. Pricing is subject to change.