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Emergency Response Solutions

Rental World has a proven track record working with US Army, FEMA and Base Logistics after a natural disaster. We were on the front lines after hurricanes such as Katrina, Dolly and Harvey with tents, generators, light towers, etc. to help overcome devastation with quick substantial solutions. Rental World installed tented housing for the military at the Donna TX border crossing with setup ahead of schedule. We even provided tents for White House diplomats while visiting the RGV. Let Rental World’s production team walk you through the whole process from analyzing needs, product conceptualization, design, engineering and installation. Rental World is a HUB certified vendor and we are registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database. Email us today at

Capability Statement

Emergency Response Solutions - Tent Installation at Donna, Texas

Border Crossing
Donna, TX

Fema Tents


Med Tents

Drive-Thru Screening/Testing

City of Brownsville COVID-19 Screening and Testing

Screening & Testing
City of Brownsville, TX

20x50 Tent over Med Tent to decrease heat load on med tent

20x50 Tent
over Med Tent

20x10 Visus Testing Check Point versus pop up tent

10x10 Tent
Testing Check Point

Well Med Testing Tents in: Weslaco, McAllen, Harlingen

COVID19 Testing -McAllen Weslaco - Harlingen

Voestalpine Virus Check Point

Virus Check Point
Corpus Christi

Restaurant Drive-Thru Covering Tents

Restaurant Drive-Thru
Tent Covering

Hand Sanitizer Across Communities

Hand Sanitizer Across Communities

Raymondville Drive thru Vaccine Tent set-up

Drive Thru Vaccine Tent set-up - Raymondville

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