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Certified Event Rental ProfessionalAt Rental World, we understand that technology can be a very powerful tool when used properly.  Several years ago, we added PartyCAD software to our repertoire.  This software is now an integral part of our event services and has proven to be an invaluable tool to event planners and our own staff.
With PartyCAD, we are able to digitally design and layout events in amazing 3-dimensional detail.  From simple backyard parties, Whitby Fair - Layout Plain Viewto large weddings, to multi-acre fairs and festivals, our PartyCAD software allows us to provide detailed, scaled drawings and renderings.  Our software even allows virtual 3-dimensional color walk-thrus that truly allow event planners to gain a unique perspective.
For simple layouts, we can quickly layout tents, tables, chairs, and other items using estimated customer dimensions.  Most often, we visit the event sight, take measurements, draw the pertinent area to scale, and layout the event.  For complex layouts, we can import a scaled 2-dimensional .bmp, .jpg, or other image file of the event site.  Then we can layout the event on top of the scaled 2-dimensional image.  With our latest PartyCAD upgrade, we can now even import AutoCAD drawings in .dxf format.  Scaled drawings are often available for public sites such as parks and schools.

When preliminary designs are complete, we can provide both 2002 Srimpfest Layout 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional scaled drawings from various view points.  We can also virtually walk through the event layout to gain a real perspective of event flow and identify and resolve potential issues.  We can transmit this information via paper, computer, or in person.  Many of our events have found it extremely useful to have a Rental World event planner attend event meetings.  We can show and discuss the event design on a large screen with one of our computer projectors, and make layout changes on the fly during the meeting.

The design to the right is a layout for the 2002 Shrimpfest held in Port Isabel, Texas.  The design accurately portrays almost all the elements at the event, including tents, staging, tables, chairs, booths, an inflatable bouncer and slide, carnival rides, rock wall, portable restrooms, barricades, and even the live pony ride.  The design provided a tangible means for the event coordinators, Rental World, Adame Wedding Dance area with Tentand TABC to Undoubtedly, the design also assisted our employees in setting up the entire event with confidence.

The picture to the left portrays the dance and band area for a wedding.  In this picture the PartyCAD layout is superimposed on a photograph of the actual event sight to provide a dazzling representation of the upcoming event.

The designs below are of a wedding held at Shary-Shivers Estate in Sharyland, and a potential wedding layout.  Each layout is designed for about 500 guests.  Of course, our designs are not limited to large weddings, festivals, and conventions.  With the software we can help design any type or size event.

For a live demonstration or if you would like Rental World to design and layout your event, just call or e-mail us to set up an appointment with one of our design consultants.

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